About Us

Tanina was created to provide its business partners in strategic locations with recruitment and staffing services. It operates as a dynamic and expanding employment agency, delivering end to end solutions and offering opportunities to thousands of skilled workers throughout the world.



fter years of cooperation and partnership to different clients the incorporators decided to have its own independent and establish their owned company. The majority owners are Filipino innovative, experienced in recruitment for oil & gas industry together with professional foreign investor with extensive experience in different sectors.

Tanina Recruitment Services, Inc. is a licensed land based agency registered at POEA an Security and Exchange Commission that provide various trade in a given time and delivering end to end solutions and offering opportunities to thousands of skilled workers throughout the country.

Tanina’s professional team interacts with the global market and with the development needs of many different clients, using advanced and efficient communication channels and high-tech programs.

What we do

  • Thoroughly screen suitable candidates
  • Facilitate compliance with government regulations
  • Advance airline reservations
  • Secure visas expeditiously from concern embassies
  • Deploy selected manpower promptly
  • Deploy selected manpower promptly
  • Maintain a large pool of highly qualified manpower

Services provided

  • Advertisement of required manpower through newspaper, social net workings sites
  • Pre-employment screening (selection of applicants, personal interview or web cam)
  • Processing of travel documents (Visa stamping, POEA contra)
  • Conduct briefing and Orientation
  • Facilitate Specialized trade testing through alliance training centers

Why choose us?

1. International experience

After years of operating in the Mediterranean and European markets, Tanina has become a solid, experienced company with high standards. Our new operational base in the Philippines is ready to take on the daily challenge of offering jobs to thousands of workers.

2. A qualified team

Its compliance with the selection and qualification norms and standards enables our company to offer services and efficient manpower respecting all our customers’ needs.

3. The best solution for your business

Tanina offers its clients a wide range of services, making it easier and faster for them to leverage their own human resources. From qualification certifications to travel document processing, providing a complete and efficient service has always been our goal.

4. An office near you

With offices located around the world, we guarantee a high degree of availability and customer feedback.